The Team.

Jean-Pierre Rousseau


With over 30 years’ experience in the world of fine wine, Jean-Pierre is an industry expert and an extremely well-respected figure in the wine trade.

Starting his career directing cinemas in the South- West of France, he entered the wine industry, quickly rising to the position of Managing Director at DIVA.

Currently President, the company is one of Bordeaux’ most dynamic and respected Trading Houses and one of the very few elite Wine Merchants distributing the majority of the world’s most sought-after investment-grade wines.

Shareholder of DIVA, but also four other successful entities within and outside of the world ofwine, Jean-Pierre has an unrivalled supply and distribution network, providing the ideal platform for Wine Circle’s day to day operations.

Matthieu Bosser


Matthieu started his career in financial analysis for a Paris-based consultancy firm before moving to Geneva where he created one of the very first fund of managed-accounts, specialised in commodity investments.

After a successful 5 years, he moved into trading and joined a sugar trading company in Lausanne, where he set up the Asset Management department.

In 2015, and after 15 years in finance, Matthieu decided to take a break from the industry to make a living from his passion, wine, by launching Paris’ first Urban Winery: Les Vignerons Parisiens, now producing over 100,000 bottles per annum.

Combining both of his areas of expertise, Wine and Investments, he co-founded Wine Circle SA in 2020.